J. Scott Dodds has a university background in anthropology and wildlife biology in addition to film making, and saw a need for closer coordination of the informational and aesthetic aspects of instructional video.  He was employed in instructional design for the Chancellor’s office of the California State University, and also lived in the Middle East where he produced industrial and instructional documentaries for the region’s largest utility company.  He has worked with most major broadcast outlets in the U. S. and many in Europe, and has produced for and provided media teams for dozens of corporations and educational institutions.  He maintains university ties, currently by providing logistic and research support for academics and NGO’s working in the Philippines and SE Asia, with involvement in human rights issues there and Afghanistan.  He cofounded the nonprofit Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota, which brought the first Tibetan refugees to the United States, and is a cofounded of Native American Television.
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Lynne C. Gray has a masters degree in ethnosocial anthropology and experience designing classroom curriculum, and is also licensed as a teacher.  As founder of Native American Television and Wild Frontier Network she has been an active television producer and director.  She counts among her credits a weekly Minnesota Public Broadcasting series about Native American issues that ran for three years, as well as First Americans Journal.  The series involved extensive location work throughout Indian Country, and has been broadcast internationally and distributed to educational institutions.  In addition she has been a writer and production coordinator for corporate and educational work, and has worked extensively on  projects about development in the Philippines and northern Russia, among others.  She is also a cofounder the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota, and continues her efforts working with Native American youth.